Student Spotlight

Welcome to our very first “Student Spotlight” blog post. I thought our blog section would be a perfect opportunity to showcase students who feel inspired to share their personal experiences from attending our classes. Below are heartfelt testimonials from three students who kindly offered to write about their growth and transformations from being a part of the Every Body Yoga and Barre community. I am so touched by and grateful for their energy, open minds, and willingness for me to guide them in classes. Thank you, Lindsay S., Cassie M., and Jen B.!

I hope their stories inspire each of you just as they have done for me. Enjoy!



“When I was introduced to Every Body Yoga, I had really never worked out before. I was overweight and stressed. I had no idea that yoga would give me a strong body and a stronger mind. Kristin is amazing! She breaks down each pose, so that no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced student, you can greet each pose properly. It took no time at all for me to advance in each pose. I never thought I would ever get to a bind, but about a month into attending classes I was. Not only has my body grown stronger through Kristin’s classes, but my mind has as well. There have been times when I have just wanted to stop because I think it is ‘too hard’, butwith the help of Kristin’s instruction, I have learned to “calm the mind chatter” and surrender, and then I’m able to push through.I also don’t give up because I am worth the end result.

By attending Kristin’s classes, I have also learned the important gift of investing time in myself. Our bodies and minds do so much for us that they need to be strong and thanked. I’m always on the go with my kids, work, and just life things. Yoga is MY time. This is my time to focus on me and what I need. I leave each class with a clear head and an empowering feeling. While Kristin’s yoga classes are definitely a body workout,for me they are more of my brain workout and help bring me peace and serenity. I think of Kristin’s barre classes as my true body workout. In barre, you don’t do crazy or difficult movements, but just high repetitions of easy body positions. When I started joining Kristin’s barre classes, I noticed my muscles building and toning up very quickly. Her classes are full of fun and laughter.

Kristin and Every Body Yoga and Barre classes have changed me. I am becoming stronger with each class.”

Lindsay S. – Mom for 3 Busy Kids, BBQ Leader, Herbalife Lover, and Empowered Woman


“During my time in college and through my late 20s, I was able to practice yoga in some incredible studios across the country. When I moved home to Bethel two years ago, I assumed that my experience with, and relationship to yoga would change dramatically. Fortunately, I was welcomed into Bethel’s surprising Every Body Yoga and Barre community and continue to practice multiple times a week.

Over the past two years, Kristin has become a compassionate friend and mentor to me; she has helped me on a personal level beyond what any instructors in large cities could have provided. Kristin has helped me to find balance with my work schedule, my running schedule and ski injuries. She has helped me use yoga as a way to continue to practice the activities I love and has encouraged me to develop and learn in all areas of my life.

Kristin also found a way to include me in her yoga classes during the entire first trimester of my pregnancy, while still keeping my situation confidential. Kristin came up with cues for me during practice and reached out to me outside of class, on her own time, to make sure my privacy was honored, and that I was getting the best practice possible for me and for my baby.

Practicing yoga with Kristin isn’t a step down from the fancy studios out west. In fact, Kristin’s yoga training and teaching roots were establishedout west. As a result, she brings an all encompassing effort that will show you how vast, caring, and passionate a smaller town yoga experience can be.”

Cassie M. – Broker, The Real Estate Network, Expecting Mom, Dog Mama of Two


“I found myself attending my first class with Kristin over a year ago. I was there because of the convenient time (after work) and place (church annex.) I had no expectations other than giving it a try. I had attended less than 20 yoga classes in my life and was FAR from understanding poses, let alone the purpose of a yoga practice.

Kristin’s students are beginners, advanced, and all of us in between. I was pleasantly surprised by her ability to give all her students a structured and challenging yoga class. I was thrilled with the time and effort she took to give pose options for all of us attending. Kristin has the strength and the ability to create a class with power yoga positions, but yet never makes her students feel like they are not doing enough. She explains the poses, has a check of posture, balance and breath, and builds on poses to show both basic and advanced options. Every member of the class can be working their body and at their pace. She fills her teaching time with positive reminders that yoga is not a competition. She will read passages from books, share words of kindness, and takes the time to make all her students feel appreciated.

I admit I used to find myself filled with great trepidation walking into class. I worried others would see me doing a pose so obviously “wrong” or that I would be laughed at, or told how wrong I was “doing yoga.” I admire those students in class who can create amazing feats of balance and show such strength with their practice, but I no longer feel I need to be anything but me, practicing on my mat. I am thankful of this change due to Kristin’s kind personality and constant reminder to be good to ourselves and to respect our bodies.

I now attend Kristin’s classes twice a week.  My body has grown stronger, and my brain is now quieter during my practice. I cannot express strongly enough the positive and important healthy changes I have found with my yoga time with Kristin. I cannot thank her personally enough for all of these happy and healthy changes.”

Jen B. – Elementary School Art Teacher, Artist, Painter, Golf Addict, Green Bay Packers Mainiac